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The varying wildlife around the Black Hills of South Dakota is a favorite subject - for the photographer or the outdoorsman in all of us. From buffalo to antelope and deer to burros, the wildlife photography in this gallery is all photographed in natural settings.

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Young Coyote in Custer State ParkAntelope Buck in Fiery Custer State ParkMaster Of The UniverseMeadowlark on the PrairieBlack Hills Deer EchoAntelope - UntitledWindblown Bison in Wind Cave National Park by Dakota Visions Photography LLCELISEBEAUTIFUL WHITE-TAIL BUCK Black Hills Custer State Park South Dakota Wildlife PhotographyMASTER OF THE PRAIRIEORVIS CANADENSISBIGHORNEAGLE EYECAMOUFLAGEFADING WARMTHEAGLE MOONSOMETIMES, WE JUST NEED A LAUGH...DOUBLE TAKEPRONGHORN - CLOSE UPBUFFALO SUNRISE